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'People like us' Digital commissioned by Action for Carers, offers you a selection of materials that you can use to introduce the film and to provoke further discussion and learning after you have screened the film.

These resources are for your use and your use only. In downloading the film and the resources , you agree that you will only use it for educational and non-commercial purposes and will not share, disseminate or broadcast to any parties other than your school without written prior consent of Theatre of Debate

The following materials are available on log in.

Essential Information for teachers about young carers
  • The trailer for the film (1.46 minutes)
  • A set of questions that can be used before screening the film
After Screening
  • The Debate - A set of questions that can be used after the screening

  • An after screening workshop for one class
  • Film Clips (2 minutes) from ‘People Like Us’ selected to stimulate discussion around the issues in the film.

  • A PDF of all the Film clips to print out

  • The soundtrack of Tyler Dodd’s Poem Set to his brother Zeb’s soundtrack

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